About me

My name is pronounced like this:

    • Djuna like the month June ending in an “a” (though if you insist on calling me “the Juna”, I won’t object)
    • Lize like “leeze-eh”
    • Croon like “chrome” but with an “n” instead of the “m” (and a rolling “r” if you can — bonus points for a Dutch/Hebrew sounding “r”)

Some miscelaneous extra bits about me, in case you’re interested (in no particular order):

    • I cycle to work whenever I can, I’ve owned (“omafiets”) bicycles in Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Brighton, Vancouver. I have my most creative ideas on my bike. Sometimes I stop to make a note 🙂
    • I really enjoy art, in particular cubism. I sketch and paint a bit in my spare time.
    • I only decided I wanted to be an academic physicist towardst the end of my PhD, age ~25. I simply did not see myself as a scientist before that, and I don’t think I understood what it was like! But I love what I do, I have my dream job.
    • I love the outdoors, I enjoy hiking, skiing (nordic/downhill), and (wind/wave) surfing — though I’m a beginner.
    • My favourite place on earth is Cadaqués, in Catalonia.
    • My dad is a musician and my mom is a literary scholar/writer. My brother is doing a PhD in urban planning and sustainability