Hi, I’m Djuna (pronounced like the month June, but with an “a” at the end), researcher in theoretical particle physics, astro-particle physics, and cosmology. I have worked on cosmic inflation, extended Higgs sectors, boson stars, phase transitions, dark matter, supernova explosions, black holes, gravitational microlensing, and gravitational waves. I am also an enthusiastic science communicator, and committed to making academia more inclusive.

Gravitational Waves are my current obsession. More specifically: what can we learn about the first second of our universe and about the nature of dark matter using gravitational wave phenomenology? As gravitational interactions are the defining property of dark particles, gravitational wave studies are fully complementary to the conventional (direct, indirect, and collider) probes of dark matter, which depend crucially on the hypothesis of electroweak or strong interactions with visible matter.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at TRIUMF, in Vancouver. My CV can be found here.


My blog, the Quantum Messenger, can be found here. On the QM I hope to communicate my excitement about physics to everyone that would like to read about it. I started the blog as a graduate student, and post when I have inspiration and time to do so. I want my posts to be accessible to a broad audience, and if there is anything you would like me to write about, do let me know!

More generally, I love talking about topics in physics to people that share my enthusiasm for science. Below are some examples. On my CV you can find links to some of my online musings.

Thanks for visiting!